Tropes are popular for a reason, but there’s a wealth of lessons to be learnt outside their confines

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Think of the word “deconstruct”, and elaborately crafted five star restaurant dishes immediately come to mind, taking apart the ingredients of a much-beloved recipe and creating a collage of flavors and textures that are completely unique.

But splitting something into its constituents and reinventing a phoenix from the metaphorical ashes is not merely restricted to food. This technique can be used to reimagine and redefine any time-tested classic, as Veronica Roth aims to do so in her latest adult fantasy novel — Chosen Ones.

Now if you were anything like me in high school, you might have owned a Mockingjay…

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A physical trip to the supermarket, a mental trip to the worlds and words of Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg, and a lot of pondering

Yesterday I went to the supermarket, after about a year of having not done so. My mom needed to pick up some emergency groceries, and surprisingly allowed me to tag along. Social distancing is a lonely pastime, and at first it was strange to wander along the aisles, peering from beneath my mask at rows upon rows of soap, deodorant, and my personal favorite, peppermint tea. …

A bunch of green letters, organized in columns, on a black screen.
A bunch of green letters, organized in columns, on a black screen.
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A look at cryptography, and its use in deciphering the Linear B script of the Mycenaean Greeks.

When we think of cryptography, more often than not, we think of codebreakers building machines in an attempt to comprehend messages intercepted by spies, in the throes of war, popularized by movies like The Imitation Game. Or, we could take a more 21st century view, and ponder over the ethics of having completely secure cryptosystems, and their use by terrorists, versus the government having access to all our messages and communications.

A recap of IBLoT’s Ask Us Anything event with Harsha and Lakshmi on the topic of “Women in Biotech Business”

Harsha Ohri and Lakshmi Santhosh Maithel

On the fifth of June, India Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow conducted an Ask Us Anything event with Lakshmi Santhosh Maithel and Harsha Ohri on the topic of “Women in Biotech Business” that I got to host.

With over 3 years of experience in neuroscience research in India, Japan, Denmark, and the US, Harsha made a transition into life science consulting with her recent degree in Business & Science. She currently works as a forecasting analyst for PharmaACE, and has worked with companies like Amgen, Atara Bio, and a few other biotech start-ups based out of California. …

A conversation with Srikant Sastri — Chairman of i3g Advisory Network, Co-Founder of Crayon Data, and Co-Lead for the IIT Kanpur Ventilator Consortium

On a quiet Saturday evening, a group of passionate biotech entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders, gathered together on the popular meeting place that has dethroned Starbucks, Zoom, to participate in India Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow’s (IBLoT) ‘Ask Me Anything + Networking’ event with Srikant Sastri, hosted by Shanthinee Ravichandhren, Associate Product Manager at SigTuple.

An alum of IIM Calcutta and IIT Kanpur, Srikant wears many hats. He’s the Chairman of i3g Advisory Network, a boutique advisory network focused…

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A look at the biomimicry design principle — nature runs on information, and its applications

Machine learning algorithms have become quite ubiquitous in solving complex, data-driven problems. They have wide-ranging applications, from agriculture and advertising, to recognizing handwriting and analyzing financial markets. Unlike ordinary computer programs, where a set of instructions are fed into the computer, here the machine identifies patterns in the information provided, and makes predictions or decisions for new data.

Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that is inspired by how the brain works. It is able to learn from unlabeled and unstructured data, and…

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A look at the digital twin technology, and its potential use in personalized medicine.

In the quintessential Disney classic, The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan stars as Hallie and Annie, two twins who have been separated at birth, and live with different parents. Wanting to meet the other parent, and perhaps influence them to get back together, they interchange places, and act as the other. This essentially allows them to try out new things, while at the same time making sure that their bases are covered and their parents aren’t suspicious.

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I write about science, technology, literature, and history — things that you might not think go together, but surprisingly do!

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